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VPM Standard - FREE!!!

We want every Visual FoxPro Developer to be a ProMatrix user. With VPM Standard free, you can't afford not to use Visual ProMatrix. VPM Standard allows you to create simple or sophisticated applications. VPM Standard provides more than VFP frameworks costing hundreds of dollars.
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Every VFP Developer Deserves Visual ProMatrix

Our Gift to the FoxPro Community

Because every Visual FoxPro Developer deserves Visual ProMatrix, we are providing VPM Standard Edition for free. With VPM Standard and VFP, you can create database applications in hours that would take you months to create from scratch. If you are a serious Visual FoxPro Developer and are not ready for VPM Enterprise, you must have VPM Standard.

VPM Standard 9.0 and Any Earlier Version Needed - Free

You can download VPMS 9.0 for Visual FoxPro 9.0. Plus, if you are still using a version of Visual FoxPro earlier than VFP 9.0, you can download VPM Standard for the other VFP versions you need - VFP 6.0, 7.0 or 8.0.

VPM Standard 9.0 Includes Multilingual Toolkit

Need to create applications that run in multiple languages without writing any code yourself? Finally, you can. We have made VPM Standard 9.0 even more powerful by including the ProMatrix Multilingual Toolkit for free. Included are Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish translations of text that VPM Standard includes in your applications. Now every VPM Standard user can create multilingual applications.

VPM Standard Benefits

Visual ProMatrix is the premier application wizard for Visual FoxPro. Visual ProMatrix will take you over the Visual FoxPro learning curve and have you creating spectacular OOP applications in days, not months. Here are only a few of the many reasons that you should use Visual ProMatrix for all your Visual FoxPro development:

  • Save Money: VPM Standard is FREE. VPM Standard is a great way to get started with Visual ProMatrix.
  • Save Time: Visual ProMatrix can reduce your application development time by as much as 90%. In just a few minutes VPM will automatically create a starter application for you that would take the an experienced Visual FoxPro developer over a year to create from scratch. Time means money.
  • Learn Visual FoxPro: Out-of-the-box, Visual FoxPro doesn't teach you how to create applications. VPM helps you learn VFP by showing you what a professional VFP application is and how it is built.
  • Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: To use Visual FoxPro and object-oriented programming properly, you need to create an application foundation with classes that provide the blueprints for the objects in your applications. You could easily spend a year or more just creating your application foundation and classes. Why reinvent the wheel? Right out of the box Visual ProMatrix provides an application foundation with more classes than you would probably ever create on your own.
  • Automated Development : Visual ProMatrix’s many builders automate your application development. The VPM Application Builder creates a starter application in minutes. The many VPM Form Builders automate the creation of complex forms. With VPM you can create complex applications without ever writing a line of Visual FoxPro code.
  • Get Organized: Visual ProMatrix organizes Visual FoxPro development. Visual ProMatrix leads you through the development of powerful Visual FoxPro applications. With VPM you’ll quickly learn how VFP apps should be created.
  • Well-Tested Code: Thousands of ProMatrix applications are in use all over the world. That means the ProMatrix code and application foundation have been thoroughly tested by thousands of users. It’s like having your own staff of testers.
  • Have It Your Way: Visual ProMatrix gives you complete freedom to create Visual FoxPro applications your way. A VPM application is 100% VFP. You can access all the features of both VPM and VFP to create exactly what you want.
  • Provides Standards: Every developer knows the importance of coding and development standards, but few developers get around to implementing them. You will quickly learn to appreciate the coding standards and strict adherence to standards that you will find in a Visual ProMatrix application.
  • Upgradeable: As you progress in your VFP development, you may find that your application development needs the tools and features of our VPM Enterprise Edition. You can upgrade to VPM Enterprise and easily convert your VPM Standard applications to VPM Enterprise.Standard Features